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A Wedding Photography Finance Guide

Have you been seeking a career, and finally realized that being a true professional wedding photographer is the best choice for you? Are you ready to transform what has previously been a hobby or a semi-professional action into a self-operating business that will allow you to photograph weddings and other special occasions? If so, then you need to be properly prepared to make the most of your fledgling business. With the proper preparation, you can establish a photography company and then turn it into a thriving business.

A large aspect of any business foundation is the training and certification involved. While it is likely that you have a good deal of practice with the camera, due to the fact you are reading this, you may not know exactly which credentials you need.

The Professional Photographers of America or PPA is an internationally recognized institution which dates back to 1869. This association is not for profit and is operated by professional photographers in Orange County and nationwide. Among the many valuable services provided to budding entrepreneurial shutter-bugs is certification.

By going through a three-step process, you can achieve the status of Certified Professional Photographer in Orange County. Once you have officially enrolled and paid the fee, you will have to pass a written exam and have your photo submissions approved in order to receive the certificate. If, after three tries, your pictures have not met the standards of the association, you may restart the process at a reduced rate.

This certification will provide a solid foundation to your company. In regards to developing your business plan, obtaining financing and developing consumer confidence, this is one of the best ways to achieve all three goals. Not only that, being a member of the group will give you access to professional connections, new training and techniques along with advice and recommendations for people like you by those who have been there.

You will need to construct a business plan in order to achieve long-term success. If you have not already done so, or lack the appropriate knowledge to complete it successfully, the Small Business Association of America has an amazing website that will provide you with the appropriate instructions and guidance for all of the documents you need to begin.

While they do touch on aspects of finance, the specifics for any small business are directly related to the type of company being started. Therefore, you will require further guidance than what is given there. This is one area where being a member of the PPA is beneficial. For more info on wedding photography, also try WPPI.

If you wish to specialize in Orange County wedding photography, then you will need to be sure that you are familiar with all of the poses associated with pictures taken for the rehearsal party, the wedding and any other events that you may be asked to photograph associated with the wedding. Who knows, you may have a couple that wants to have the bachelor and bachelorette parties photographed as well!

The important thing for you is to be very familiar with how to appropriately set up each type of pose, no matter the combination of people involved in the wedding party. Though this was once fairly straight-forward, families today have become much more complex. As a result, there may be two women who stand as the mother of the bride or some other type of non-traditional arrangement. Make sure that you can handle these situations with ease.

You will then have to determine the appropriate pricing for the wedding packages that you offer. You may want to begin by looking at what your competitors are charging. Keep in mind that professionals often raise their prices once they have gained more experience and developed a good reputation. One great professional is Justina Louise who is a Minneapolis wedding photographer. Visit her at
Wenonah, Minneapolis, MN
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Hire a Certified Public Accountant to make sure you have your finances organized properly. You can write off many of your expenses if you keep good records. When you get your business license, you should obtain the services of a CPA that you can count on for regular guidance. Though it may seem like a hefty expense, an accountant can ensure that you are making sound business choices.

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