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Photography Insurance: Preparing for the Unknown

A photographer’s equipment costs a lot of money. If that equipment is damaged or stolen, it can cause quite a bit of stress, even if you just enjoy taking photographs as a hobby. And, if you take pictures for a living, one event could shut down your business and cause you to lose a lot of money. You do not want to be vulnerable to such an event. Insurance is one way of protecting your income and your business.

As a professional in this field, you are an expert at what you do. We are experts when it comes to insurance. We understand what you need in order to operate your business safely. It is important to get a liability insurance plan set up specifically for your needs as a photographer.

Professional Liability Insurance

Why do you need professional liability insurance? Consider the following two scenarios.

In the first, you have been hired to take pictures at an event. You fulfill your duties as a photographer, but your memory card is faulty and you cannot access any of the pictures that you took. Your client is upset and threatens to file a claim because you did not do your job. Professional liability insurance comes into play when you are accused of negligence.

In the second scenario, you are contracted to take pictures at a wedding. However, you make a mistake and do not get a few of the pictures that the bride requested. She has the right to file a claim because you were negligent and did provide the agreed upon service. Professional liability insurance would help you in this situation.

General Liability Insurance

Occasionally, you may have to set up a shoot in such a way that the equipment is dangerous to those near the set. General liability insurance will protect you if someone is hurt and has to receive medical care.

Business Owner Insurance

You need the right equipment to do your job. Business owner insurance includes general liability insurance and photography equipment coverage. For more information about insurance for your photography business, visit

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