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Privacy Policy doesn’t distribute information to any third parties. However, we might share your information with law enforcement as part of the corporate reorganization. Reasonable and reliable safeguards are in place to guarantee integrity, security and privacy of all the personal information we have collected.

Reasonable procedures have been installed to protect all the affected individuals against misuse, loss or alteration of all the information we have collected. Despite having done our level best, you can’t say that any security measure is impenetrable or 100% perfect.

Our site will collect personal information who are under 13 years of age as long as it has been submitted alongside registration of a website account. However, it is only done with a prior and verifiable consent from a legal guardian or parent. Users are required to submit their date of birth to allow us to determine the younger user and whether or not parental consent is required. Once a user is identified to be under 13, he/she is directed to the permission form for parents and guardians.

Once a parent/legal guardian has given the consent, our site can collect the following kind of information for the users under 13 years of age.

• The name of the user

• The email address

• The postal address

• The cell phone number (for text messaging purposes)

• The parent’s name

• The parent’s postal address

• The parent’s phone number

• The parent’s email address

Also, the site takes the provided date of birth and links it to the personal information provided on the account once consent has been provided. Note that, will only collect the relevant information, once it’s submitted voluntarily by the child, parent or legal guardian, alongside the verifiable consent. Before providing consent, the parents have the right to choose the specific activities that their children can participate.

Our site doesn’t use passive collection methods such as cookies to get personal information of a minor. However, if any information is received using such methods, it’s linked to the information we already have regarding the particular user. Look through our sections on web beacons, IP addresses and cookies to understand how these mechanisms are used to collect information.

Parents are encouraged to create a healthy relationship with their children using the various websites powered by and associated software. Once the information of a minor is collected after the parent’s consent, the data is used to provide the user with all the benefits associated with registration on our site.

Some of the benefits include participation in community features (message boards or chat rooms), surveys and other site features and activities (uploading graphics and submitting reviews for games). With the parent’s consent, the user’s information can be used for communication purposes through email, regular mail or SMS from our site on behalf of all the partners.